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1¡¢Design and general contract of the bogie hearth furnaces and rotary hearth furnaces for Jinxi Machinery Group.
2¡¢Design and general contract of the bogie hearth baking furnaces for Jinxi Machiney Group.

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B1716 Lecheng Plaza,Huai'an West Road,Shijiazhuang,China

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Shijiazhuang Zhongtian Furnace&Kiln Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly the Research Institute of Industrial Furnaces under the Machinery Research and Design Institute of Hebei Province) is a high-tech stock limited company, which integrates technology, industry and trade into one enterprise. Our company is a high-tech enterprise that is recognized and titled by the Science and Technology Committee of Hebei Province. The company has been certified by the ISO9001 international quality system. Our company professionally designs and produces various types of industry furnaces. All products are widely applied in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, petrochemical industry, light industry, nonferrous metal industry and so on. The main products are rotary hearth reheating furnace, walking bottom reheating furnace, walking beam reheating furnace, pusher type reheating furnace, bogie hearth furnace, chamber type furnace, box type furnace, bell type furnace, differential temperature furnace, electric arc furnace, various types of resistance furnaces, as well as electrical autocontrol systems.

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Shijiazhuang zhongtian furnace and kiln engineering Co., Ltd.
Head Office:B1716 Lecheng Plaza,Huai'an West Road,Shijiazhuang,China
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