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Rotary hearth furnace

Rotary hearth furnace consists of furnace body, furnace body machinery, bottom water sealing system, hydraulic station, burning system, air supply system, flue discharge system, control system and so on. To achieve high yield, low consumption and long service life for the rotary hearth furnace, the furnace body adopts the integral cast-in-situ structure. The rotary hearth bottom is supported by supporting rollers and the moveable hearth bottom fixed by centering rollers, so as to avoid the hearth bottom from meandering; the hearth bottom is driven by hydraulic cylinders, and mechanical hands are used to charge and discharge steel slabs and billets. Furnace temperature and pressure, proportion of air and gas and other parameters are all controlled by computer. The heat is supplied by two stages of single-fired heating, which are soaking zone and heating zone. And the thermal condition schedule is in three stages. The distribution angle of the billets in the furnace is decided according to the specific process requirements.


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