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Single-chamber smoldering kiln

Single-chamber smoldering kiln (Big single-chamber kiln) is one key equipment for the fiberglass fabric production. It belongs to batchwise heat treatment. The smoldering kiln can reduce the sizing residual from 0.2~0.4% to 0.04%, which can ensure that the fiberglass fabric has enough strength and suffices the high temperature performance as a kind of insulation material.
Technical parameters of smoldering Kiln
Purpose: smoldering of fiberglass fabric
Throughput: 33 coils (sixty six thousand meters per kiln)
Working temperature: 350~550
Power source: electricity, natural gas, coal gas, oil vapour (by users choice)
Heating manner: hot blast circulation.
Temperatrue uniformity: 5
Charging and discharging manner: by forklift.

Equipment characteristics:
The kiln has simple structure with convenient maintenance. Heating chamber area is large, so the kiln has high throughput and applicable to treatment of big fabric coils.
Special hot blast circulation system outside the kiln adopts air-air heat exchange, which ensures pure hot air to exchange energy with fibreglass fabric.
There are two types of heating manners: forced-air convection and spouting to exchange heat, which increase heat exchange efficiency.
Heat circulating fan with high dependability has two cooling manners: water cooling and air cooling, in order to prolong fan life.
The high temperature centrifugal fan is used to exhaust gas in the working process.
There is special equipment to prevent the furnace door from falling.
Furnace door is hoisted automatically.
Realizing automatic control of kiln temperature.
Users can choose the accessory fixtures in the kiln (smoldering rolls, frames, etc.)

Applications: smoldering of fibreglass fabric

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