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Resistance furnaces of all types

Resistance furnace uses the electric power as the heating source. When the electric current runs through them, the electrothermal components glow to heat the workpieces. And some resistance furnaces heat the workpieces by the heat energy produced when the current runs through the workpieces itself.
Resistance furnace has simpler body structure than the fuel-fired furnaces and the furnace temperature distributes uniformly, can be controlled easily, operated easily with little public nuisance. So resistance furnace is widely used in various industries. For example, it is usually used to quench, temper, anneal and normalize black metals; also it can melt the non-ferrous metals such as plumbum, zinc, aluminium, magnesium and so on and heat these metalsí» products. The resistance furnace can also be used for metal brazing weld, ceramic baking, powder metallurgy sintering, heat treatment of glass, sand core baking, paint desiccation and food baking.
Resistance furnaces fall into several types according to different heating media: the common resistance furnace that is filled with air; the controlled atmosphere furnace that is filled with protective gas; the furnace that uses molten salt and lye as heating medium. According to the differences in their structures, the resisitance furnaces can be classifed into chamber furnace, bogie hearth furnace, pit batch type furnace, pushrod furnace, walking furnace, conveyer belt furnace, rotary hearth furnace, combined electric furnace and so on.

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