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Bogie hearth furnace

1. Bogie hearth furnace is heated by burners of various types, which can use various kinds of combustion gas. The highest temperature of the hearth can be up to 1200íŠ.

2. Furnace framework is assembled by welding of many kinds of large-section and medium-section profiled steel in locale. The furnace shell is color coated steel plate, and the furnace liner is high-aluminum whole-fibre fireproof board, with very good effect of airproof and energy saving capabilities.

3. Bogie hearth framework is assembled by welding of I-steel, channel steel, angle steel, thick steel plate and so on.

4. All of bogie hearth wheels are driving wheels. The drive way is dependable to move in and out neatly. The driving system is a kind of combined structure. So the electromotor and reducer are axially mounted, structurally compact and securely assembled, easy to operate and maintain.

5. The bogie hearth is made of high-aluminum shaped bricks, and the furnace sealing is good enough to endure high pressure. Workpieces are piled up on the iron cushions that are laid on the bogie hearth floor. The bogie side lacing is made from cast materials to ensure the furnace body can be sealed well and doní»t deform. The sealing material between the bogie hearth and the furnace body uses the heat-resistant and airproof fibre blocks, and the opening and closing of the seals on two sides are activated by electric pushrod atuopressing mechanism. Linkage control is adopted for the bogie hearth and seal mechanism.

6. Furnace door lining is made of high aluminum heat-resistant fibre blanket. And its framework is welded with profile steel. Furnace door goes up or down by an electric hoist. Furnace door sealing adopts the special structure with a long-and-short lever spring type autopressing cam and a flexible seal mechanism. So seal is tight, while moving up and down of the furnace door is free from friction, safe and reliable.

7. Exhausting flue gas system includes a autocontrol device and butterfly valve so as to regulate furnace pressure.

8. The high speed burners are used to heat the workpieces and they are built on both side of the furnace wall, with continuous proportional regulation for burning. Burnersí» air and gas flow can be regulated separately by actuators and valves, to ensure that combustion air is proportional to gas. Both of air flux and gas flux have control settings of lower limits. On the gas pipe of each burner there is electromagnetic valve, and each burner has independent and integral burning control equipment, and it has many functions such as automatic ignition, flame checking, alarming when fire is put out and cutting off the gas automatically. In this way the burning temperature control system can be assured for stabilization and safety.

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