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Pusher type reheating furnace

Technical characteristics:
1.Configuration is simple and manufacture cost is low.

2.Both the upper and under surfaces of the billet are heated at the same time, so heating speed is fast.

3.Furnace length cannot be too long as restricted by the pusher ratio. Otherwise, it is prone to result in billet bending.

4.The pipes under the furnace adopts evaporation cooling. In this way, it can reduce the quantity of heat loss effectively and improve the heating quality of billets.

5.According to different burning manners, there are two types of furnace roofs available: one is flat roof, and the other is concave roof.

Pusher type reheating furnace can be used to heat the rectanglar billets or square billets. Furnace fuel may be blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, mixed gas, generator gas, natural gas, fuel oil and so on. The burners could be high speed and sub-high speed burners, regenerative burners, proportional oil-fired burners and so on.
Pusher type reheating furnace can be used to heat the billets for steel rolling production lines.

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